For brilliant and colourful digital advertising prints in short- and medium-term outdoor applications. The RapidAir® technology enables easy and quick application without air inclusion, especially of large-sized decals.

  • Soft PVC film (100 micron)
  • White in gloss and matt finish
  • For short- and medium-term outdoor applications
  • Polyacrylate, removable, grey
  • Certificate: DIN EN 13501-1 (flame-resistant)


Standard widths, mm 1050, 1370, 1520
Standard lengths, m 50 m
Recommended Laminating & Mounting Films ORAGUARD 210, ORAGUARD 210DU, ORAGUARD 200, ORAGUARD 220HG, ORAGUARD 221HG, ORAGUARD 372

*) Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 27.06.2018.