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Adhesive Tape Systems


Information about ORAFOL Liners

ORAFOL TM linerSiliconised glassine90white with blue ORAFOL imprint
Standard (for acrylates)Siliconised glassine90brown
Standard (for hotmelts)Siliconised glassine80brown
09Siliconised glassine90white
29Siliconised glassine120white
For AM2 foamsSiliconised glassine90blue
For AM2 foamsSiliconised glassine90white
WSiliconised PE cardboard (gloss, matt)140white
Standard 1375 & 1377PE paper102brown with blue ORAFOL imprint
WASiliconised PE cardboard (gloss, matt)100white
Standard for A1 foamsSiliconised PE cardboard (gloss, matt)140blue
K3Siliconised polypropylene film100yellow
L5Siliconised polyethylene film120dark green
PP filmSiliconised polypropylene film80salmon
PET filmSiliconised polyester film75transparent
PET filmSiliconised polyester film50transparent

Contact our customer service team who can provide additional information about available carriers for the specific products in our range.