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Reflective Solutions


Traffic Printer

Product Description

The ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer is the eco-friendly printing system for the production of road traffic signs – both for temporary and permanent applications. The system consists of the OKI Color-Painter M-64s and the Greenguard Gold certified OKI low odor eco solvent SX inks. In combination with ORAFOL’s printing profiles especially developed for the traffic sign application the ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer addresses the diverse requirements of the outdoor signage industry.

Various ORALITE® retroreflective films based on both glass bead and microprismatic technology are printable on this system, and the printed outcome will comply to the requirements for colour and retroreflectivity found in different national standards for road traffic signs(1). The versatile, large format ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer system is the first choice of the cost-conscious sign maker and combines high quality, high density, high durability results with fast print speeds(2).



(1) Please contact your local ORAFOL representative for further information
(2) Traffic sign colours 7 – 14 m²/h., up to 66.5 m²/h (draft mode)