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Traffic Printer

Description du produit

The ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer is a specialised solution designed for the production of reusable temporary and permanent signs, especially for applications in the fields of road safety, road works signage, images in traffic signs and various graphic applications. The ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer is capable of producing long-life traffic signs to the most common national and international standards, making it a reliable option for creating certified signage. At the same time, it demonstrates resource efficiency as it requires fewer maintenance and service resources compared to alternative systems on the market. Coupled with expert support from ORAFOL's expert service, this printing system seamlessly combines affordability, superior quality and consistent reliability. The LCD display integrated into the system provides a user-friendly interface and increases the ease of use of the printer.

Applies to Germany only: In conjunction with the low-odour Eco-Solvent Digital Printing Inks and colour profiles specially created by ORAFOL, the ORALITE® ECO Traffic Printer printing system enables the direct printing of a transparent ORALITE® PVC film to produce reusable traffic signs in accordance with the specifications of the Güteschutzgemeinschaft für Verkehrszeichen und Verkehrseinrichtungen e.V. (GVZ), meeting the requirements of the RAL quality and test conditions (RAL-GZ 628) in terms of both colour and reflective values. This applies when using the material combination of ORALITE® base film and ORALITE® transparent film approved by the GVZ.