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Reflective Solutions


Brilliant Grade Translucent

Product Description

Prismatic ORALITE® reflective translucent film designed for manufacturing of internally illuminated signs and traffic bollards or airfield taxi-way signs to provide a high level of diffuse light transmission from internal sources and a powerful reflective backup in case of light system failure.

Contact ORAFOL if you have additional colour requirements.

  • High level of diffuser light transmission
  • High brightness
  • Highest degree of weather resistance
  • Up to 12 years outdoor service life (10 years for fluorescent colours)
  • Surface of UV stabilised acrylic front film
  • Reflective properties according to DIN 67520 (RA3B - design C)
  • Excellent printability
    • Screen printing with ORALITE® 5018
    • UV digital printing on ORALITE® UV Traffic Sign Printer, with ORALITE® 5019i Digital Printing Ink
    • Transparent film: We recommend ORALITE® 5061

Data sheets and downloads

*) Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 14.06.2023.

Sample Colours – ORALITE® 6910T

  • 010
    sRGB0, 0, 0
  • 020
    sRGB0, 0, 0
  • 037
    sRGB0, 0, 0
    #037Fl. Yellow
  • 029
    sRGB0, 0, 0
    #029Fl. Yellow-green

Colours may not be a 100% colour match of actual material.


Standard widths, mm
1235, 610
Standard lengths, m