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Product Description

  • Reflective tape for harsh maritime applications e.g. sew-on PFDs and spray-wear; PSA for devices and equipment with rigid substrates (steel, aluminium)
  • High performance microprismatic tape
  • The brightest marine tape on the market
  • Permanently marked with ships wheel logo for immediate compliance identification
  • Specifically designed for use in harsh environments which includes continuous submersion in sea water and extreme temperatures
  • Single layer construction for durability, abrasion resistance and flexibility
  • No risk of water penetration
  • Available with pressure sensitive adhesive or textile backing
  • Available in pre-cut labels
  • Certified to Type I and Type II applications (IMO A. 65816)
  • Type I accelerated weathering test - 750 hrs
  • Type II accelerated weathering test - 1500 hrs

Sample Colours – ORALITE® FD 1403

  • 015
    sRGB154, 152, 157

Colours may not be a 100% colour match of actual material.


Reflective Technology
Standard widths, mm
Standard lengths, m