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Adhesive Tape Systems


Descrizione del prodotto

This double-sided tape consists of a paper tissue carrier, layered on both sides with a rubber adhesive. This adhesive has excellent bonding characteristics. It is lined with a double-sided silicone paper. The used adhesive SR5 meets the demands of the Code of Federal Regulations, Food and Drugs (FDA), 21 CFR Ch. I, § 175.105.  

  • Thickness: 140 micron
  • Carrier: Paper tissue
  • Liner: Both sides siliconised paper, 80 g/m², yellow

Area of use:

  • Splicing of paper, cardboard, PE coated materials, textiles and plastic and metal films
  • Adhesion onto macroporous, rough and fibrous substrates or foams
  • Conditionally resistant to softeners

Schede dati e download

*) Le nostre schede di sicurezza / informazioni sull'articolo sono conformi alla lista SVHC del 19.01.2024.

Dati tecnici

Altezza standard, mm
1000, 1200
Lunghezza standard, m
Bobine ottenibili con una larghezza di, mm
12, 15, 19, 25, 30, 50, 75, 100