NEW ORACAL® 8870 Blockout Film

05 Aug 2015

8870 Blockout Film

ORAFOL Americas Inc. is pleased to announce NEW ORACAL® Series 8870 Blockout Film.

ORACAL® 8870 is a 4-mil, 10-year, blockout film specially formulated for the production of high quality illuminated signage. This opaque, cast, PVC film is the perfect solution for creating blockout effects in backlit applications. Great for use with backlit acrylic, glass and flexible sign face material. Series 8870 is available in white (black backing) and black (white backing). Recommended for use with ORACAL® 8800 and ORACAL® 8500 Translucent Films.

For additional product information and to view the technical sheet for series 8870, click here.

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