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Advanced Polymer Films

High quality plastic film         and sheet solutions

ORAFOL® Advanced Polymer Films provides high-quality plastic film and sheet solutions. Materials are used in markets as diverse as graphic arts, medical, aerospace, and automotive to cover any extrusion requirement.

The Advanced Polymer Films product families include:

  • RowTec® Polycarbonate Films (PC)
  • SolaTuf® Acrylic Films (AC)
  • RowLux® Multi-lensed Polycarbonate Films (PC)

ORAFOL Europe acquired Rowland Technologies Inc. of Wallingford, CT, USA, in 2017. ORAFOL® Advanced Polymer Films, formerly Rowland Technologies, is a specialty manufacturer of high-quality polymeric films with a unique extrusion process and proprietary in-house tooling techniques. Rowland’s technical excellence, together with ORAFOL’s worldwide distribution network, make the newly created Advanced Polymer Films Division the first choice in outstanding film quality and reliable local service.