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NEW ORALITE® 5935 Incident Management Sheeting

ORAFOL Americas is pleased to announce our new ORALITE® 5935 Incident Management Sheeting designed for signage use in emergency situations. Signage is typically used for the safe evacuation of motorists during unexpected events, such as hurricanes, floods, forest fires, and other natural disasters. With a pink fluorescent face film, its reflective properties make outdoor signage visible in low light conditions, while its microprismatic technology offers outstanding retro-reflectivity at night.

ORALITE 5935® sheeting is easy to apply to smooth sign surfaces such as hinged aluminum sign panels, which can be quickly deployed by emergency personnel.

Scott Seeley, Traffic Solutions Market Manager, stated; “We’re very excited about the potential this product brings as a safety solution for emergency situations.  The original intent was a product, which could be deployed quickly to route traffic in hurricanes; however, ORALITE® 5935 incident management sheeting can be used for managing evacuations in other natural disasters such as floods and forest fires.”

Signage can withstand extreme weather conditions meeting the requirements of ASTM D4956. Upon testing, the material shows no appreciable cracking, scaling, putting, listening, edge lifting, or curling, or more than 1/32” (0.8 mm) shrinkage or expansion. Retroreflectivity measurements are conducted after outdoor weathering with an observation angle of 0.20º and entrance angles of -4º and +30º. The minimum coefficient of retroreflection (RA) after weathering is 50% of the values specified in Table 7 of ASTM D4956.

Though ORALITE ® 5935’s is a temporary sheeting that fades quickly, hinging the sheeting to a sign poll will protect the pink fluorescent from sun exposure making the product readily available in the case of an emergency.

To learn more, visit our website or contact 800-654-7570 to speak with a sales representative.