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Strong bonding solutions in Emobility

The Emobility market is one of the most rapidly growing markets worldwide. Experts predict that global production of electric vehicles will rise from 5 million per year in 2018 to 18 million per year in 2024, and the expectation is that 25% of all cars produced worldwide will have an electric engine by 2025. And indeed, the automotive industry is working tiredless to create E-cars that meet consumers’ expectations for performance, battery safety and affordability.

New and innovative construction approaches are constantly implemented, as well as new designs that require special and optimized component solutions for still more efficient manufacturing processes.

Carsten Böhmer, ORAFOL’s Sales Director for the Adhesive Tapes Division explains: ”For many years, ORAFOL has worked to provide the strongest bonding solutions in the technical tapes market. One of our major strengths lies in our flexibility. The expertise of our R&D team is unrivalled in the industry, and they work directly with manufacturers within the automotive industry to develop customized solutions, that match exact application requirements.”

The electric vehicle battery is responsible for nearly 30 percent of the cost of manufacturing an eCar, and increasing manufacturing efficiency for possible cost reductions is high on the agenda. The ORAFOL bonding solutions are unmatched when it comes to enhanced manufacturing processes in assembly of battery cells. In the assembly of the battery module, double sided adhesive tapes are used effectively as a “third hand”. Spaces are tight between the battery cells, so a thin tape is imperative. The very thin double sided ORABOND 13981/13983/13941 adhesive tapes come with a high dielectric strength for this application – making it the perfect choice. Furthermore, tape solutions are offered for bonding of the battery cells to the tension mat, to ensure permanent affixing. Special solutions have been developed for application onto challenging HSE and LSE surfaces.

Adhesive solutions for battery heating systems are another key application. Here, the double-sided tapes ORABOND® 1184/1185 are used to apply a PTC foil heater to the battery module. Battery heating systems are necessary to increase the service life and to enable charging at low temperatures. Due to the dielectric strength of the construction, it gives a greater safety to high voltage circuits.

”There is no doubt that we have only just scratched the surface of this relatively new market. The requirements for increasingly higher efficiency levels in the manufacturing processes within Emobility will continue to rise. ORAFOL is well prepared for this and we will continue our work with leading eCar industry experts to develop high impact solutions that exceed the ever-changing demands in this market”, concludes Böhmer.