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Work Zone Devices: ORALITE® 5931M Prismatic Construction Grade sets the standard for pre-printed highly reflective micro prismatic film sheeting.

Durability, retroreflection, weather resistance - ORALITE® brand products set the industry standard in Germany in these categories. Specifically for work zone devices and especially for use on beacons and mobile safety barriers, premium German supplier ORAFOL offers the pre-printed ORALITE® 5931M Prismatic Construction Grade steetingl. The single-layer, metallized construction of the RA2C material guarantees maximum robustness against dirt, impact, and moisture. In Germany, ORALITE® 5931M Prismatic Construction Grade is the preferred material for equipping high-quality work zone devices.

Use of mobile safety barriers, road closure barricades, safety beacons and folding beacons

Temporary, mobile work zone devices place the highest demands on the retroreflective material used. The film ORALITE® 5931M was specially developed for the extreme environmental conditions at or on work zones and has also proven itself within the logistics of work zone suppliers. Even with repeated assembly and disassembly and storage in transport racks, the robust film does not suffer any damage and retains its high reflective value. In addition, ORALITE® 5931M features outstanding corrosion and solvent resistance.

Developed and manufactured in Germany - ORAFOL offers "Made in Germany" quality

ORAFOL is a technology partner for customers in the transport and infrastructure sector worldwide. From the development of market-ready solutions to the highly automated production and finishing of retroreflective materials, to the provision of high-performance software and hardware solutions for the efficient production of traffic signs and work zone sheetings, ORAFOL offers everything from a single source. The added value offered to customers by the market leader, which manufactures in Germany, is personal and comprehensive technical support and technical service.