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Responsibility and beyond



ORAFOL is a family business. Actions of ORAFOL's management are focused on developing the company group sustainably and ensuring its independence. Empowering the innovative strength of the ORAFOL Group through synergies is the guiding principle in the cooperation with international customers.

Dr. Holger Loclair
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Randall Mertz
Executive Vice President ORAFOL International

Alex R.J. McClelland
Executive Vice President Asia Pacific

Simone Alm
Senior Vice President Finance & Accounting

Dr. Sylvia Lucht
Executive Vice President Reflective Solutions

Carsten Böhmer
Executive Vice President Adhesive Tape Systems

Dr. Jonas Kölsch
Executive Vice President Graphic Innovations

Catherine Loclair
Senior Vice President Corporate & Legal Affairs

Frank Dwornicki
Senior Vice President Purchasing & Logistics

Marcel Janssen
Senior Vice President Engineering & Technology

Jan Raether
Senior Vice President Operations

Corporate Responsibility

Needs and expectations of our customers

All our activities are geared towards customer satisfaction and success. Flexibility and innovation are the keys for offering the best price performance ration on the market to our customers and to win new customers. The so generates profit allows us to invest in employees, research and development, in engineering and technology in order to meet the future expectations of our customers.

Needs and expectations of further interested parties

In addition, we take into account the interests of our suppliers and partners, authorities, neighbours, or the general public and not at least of our employees. Our employees are the foundation of our company. Their skills and motivation are the key to our success and thus the basis of secure jobs and a secure income

Compliance with binding obligations

We obligate ourselves to compliance with all statutory regulations on site in the areas of quality, environment, energy and occupational safety and are committed to our corporate social responsibility. Contacts and agreements with third parties are fulfilled by us. National and international requirements for our products, which relate to the protection of man and nature we regard as binding obligations.

Safety at work

Health of our employees is an important asset. So we ensure the compliance with all applicable safety and health requirements and social and ethical standards.

Quality, development and environmental protection

The continuous improvement of the quality of our products is a natural necessity closely linked to a customer-oriented development of our product range. The goal is a product which is suitable for the application and which has a ration between functionality, service life, raw material and energy input and costs that correspond to the application.

Nature, Energy

We are aware of our responsibility for the nature and face the ecological challenges of the future. We strive to minimize the impact of our production on the environment, the consumption of raw materials and energy. This also includes the acquisition, use and production of raw material and energy efficient products as well as the optimization of the corresponding processes.

Continual Improvement

We are committed to the continuous improvement of the integrated management system with the aim of improving environmental and energy performance and by involving all employees.

In order to implement the stated policy with its goals, ORAFOL provides the necessary resources and maintains open communication with internal and external parties.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Long before “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) became a popular term, ORAFOL facilities around the world have actively engaged in giving back to their communities.

A sampling of these initiatives includes large donations of reflective products for child safety initiatives throughout the world, volunteering in local schools to teach business basics, and volunteer work with organisations such as Rebuilding Together, a leading nonprofit organisation which helps low-income Americans to repair and refurbish their homes and to rebuild communities. Financially, the company has provided scholarship support to inner city students as well.

Download ORAFOL Corporate Policy

Policy statement on the human rights strategy

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Best Managed Companies

We are awarded: Deloitte and other well-known institutions have us named "Best Managed Company". ORAFOL meets the strict criteria of the program in the areas - Strategy, Culture & Commitment, Productivity & Innovation, Governance & Finance.