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ORACAL® 8870

Blockout Film

Product Description

  • Premium Blockout Performance - Effectively create blockout effects in backlit signage applications. Available in white with black backing and black with white backing. 
  • Premium resistance to weathering and fading. Can be applied to acrylic, polycarbonate, glass, and tensioned flexible substrates. 
  • 4 mil
  • 10 years
Release Liner
  • 84# silicone coated paper on both sides
  • Clear, solvent polyacrylate, permanent
Colors & Finish
  • Available in white (black backing) and black (white backing) with a satin-gloss finish
Available Lengths
  • 150' (50-yard)
  • 30' (10-yard)
Available Widths
(in inches)
  • 48

Recommended Application Materials