ORAFOL Precision Technology Solutions


The ORAFOL Precision Technology Solutions produces specialty tooling used in the manufacture of microstructured optical films and plastic lenses. Most of the tooling goes through precision cutting and electroforming processes. These tools are shipped to ORAFOL facilities around the world. The Precision Technology Solutions used to be a part of Reflexite Corporation, which was acquired by ORAFOL in 2011.

In 2012 the ORAFOL Precision Technology Solutions was expanded, increasing the ORAFOL New York state facility from 2.600 m² to over 7.000 m².
The 4.400 m² is housing new machinery and specialized processes to make the tooling used to manufacture specialized microstructures that have a wide variety of uses, including reflective materials, concentrator lenses used to produce electricity from sunlight; and lighting diffusers and brightness films used in computer display applications.