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ECE 104

All you need to know about
ECE 104 conspicuity markings

Do you have any questions relating to the European ECE 104 safety requirements for conspicuity tapes on trucks and trailers? If so, you have come to the right place!

ORAFOL is the world's leading manufacturer of ECE 104 conspicuity marking tapes, and we have more than 20 years experience from safety markings to the transport industry.

With ECE 104 compliant VC 104+ conspicuity marking tapes, you just need 20 minutes to get your truck to comply with the requirements. The tapes are not just your safest option - they are also extremely easy to apply and the application requires no special equipment. In fact, you can do the application in your garage, and have your vehicle out in action, where it belongs, in just 20 minutes. At night time, your vehicle can now be seen from up to 1000 metres.

We recommend that you always check with your National Ministry of Transport, for special national requirements that may apply to your country.

Applying conspicuity markings enhances night time visibility and helps save lives.

More information

Contact our customer service team if you need more information about ECE 104 and the ORAFOL product range to comply with the regulation.

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