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Stencil Film

Product Description

  • Developed for use in paint and stain stencil applications, especially for paint and spray techniques on smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces. Applications requiring transparency of the paint mask for substrate visibility. Great for gymnasium floor paint and stain mask, as well as hobby and craft applications, such as painted drywall, cabinets, custom bag-toss game boards, and wooden home décor signage.  Not suitable for wet applications. Remove stencil film prior to baking.
  • 3 mil
Release Liner
  • 84# silicone coated paper
  • Clear, water-based, low-tack, removable adhesive
Colors & Finish
  • Available in translucent blue with a matte surface
Available Lengths
  • 150’ (50-yard)
Available Widths
(in inches)
  • 15 (punched)
  • 24
  • 30
  • 36
  • 40
  • 48
  • 60