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Screen Printing Ink

Product Description

ApplicationsSolvent based, quick-curing one-component system with a glossy, highly weatherproof surface after curing. Specially developed for printing on ORALITE® reflective films with an alkyd resin, acrylic, PVC face film or top coated polyester for printing. Printing on all ORALITE® reflective films, color 010 (white), are perfect for the manufacture of traffic signs.
Colorsyellow (020), orange (035), red (030),
green (060), blue (050), brown (080), black (070)

MSDS 5018-000
MSDS 5018-020
MSDS 5018-030
MSDS 5018-035
MSDS 5018-050
MSDS 5018-060
MSDS 5018-070
MSDS 5018-073
MSDS 5018-080

MSDS Printing Modifier
MSDS Retarder
MSDS Thinner

Material safety data sheet (MSDS) are available in several languages upon request.
Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 19.01.2021.

Data sheets and downloads


Item Code
Standard Size
800 ml, 2400 ml, 3500 ml, 3750 ml, 5000 ml