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Graphic Innovations

ORAFOL® WrapGlove®


Product Description

The ORAFOL® WrapGlove® GHOST™ and SqueegeeGlove™ GHOST™ are the perfect purpose built tools, specially designed for ORAGUARD® Stone Guard Paint Protection Films (PPF), ORACAL® 970RA, and digitally printed ORAJET® and ORAGUARD® laminated graphics.

WrapGlove® Ghost™
One size that fits most (expands to fit medium through XL).
White with the Red ORAFOL® logo across the top of the hand, with a fluorescent blue and black wristband

SqueegeeGlove™ GHOST™
One size fits over most 4” wide rectangular application squeegees
White with black trim
Branded with black SqueegeeGlove™ GHOST™ logo
Package Contents
1 glove
1 squeegee sleeve
1 teflon squeegee

Data sheets and downloads