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ORACAL® 7510

Fluorescent Premium Cast

Product Description

Boost Visibility with ORACAL® 7510 Premium Fluorescent Cast PVC Vinyl Film! Make your message impossible to miss with ORACAL® 7510 fluorescent cast PVC vinyl film. This high-visibility series shines brightly in all daylight conditions, as well as twilight and poor visibility situations.

Perfect for short-term graphics needing maximum impact, such as vehicle advertising, motorsport numbers, P.O.P. displays, labels, decals, and retail signage. With 6 vibrant fluorescent neon colors to choose from, your designs will stand out from the crowd. Plus, ORACAL® 7510 isn't just for business use. Enhance bicycle safety during overcast, dusk, and dawn weather conditions. Add a pop of bright fluorescent color to kids' backpacks, making them more visible at bus stops.

With outdoor durability in mind, ORACAL 7510 offers lasting performance. Fluorescent Yellow will maintain its brightness for up to 3 years, while all other colors will remain vibrant for approximately 2 years before the fluorescent properties begin to fade. Make your message P.O.P. with ORACAL 7510 fluorescent vinyl film.

Do you need a shorter-term Fluorescent vinyl solution? Consider ORACAL® Series 6510 Premium Fluorescent Cast PVC vinyl film, fluorescent yellow 2 yrs., all other colors 1 yr.

  • Flat, or conformable, short-term applications
    • Car, Truck, Van, & Trailer Graphics
    • Motorsport Graphics
    • Labels and Decals
    • Point of Purchase Graphics
    • Bicycle and Personal Safety Graphics
    • Emergency Vehicle and Boat Safety Graphics
  • 6-mil

Vertical Exposure, Climate Zone 1

  • 3 years – fluorescent yellow
  • 2 year – all other colors
Release Liner
  • 84# silicone coated paper
  • Clear, solvent-based, permanent
  • yellow fluorescent (029)
  • orange fluorescent (037)
  • red orange fluorescent (038)
  • red fluorescent (039)
  • pink fluorescent (046)
  • green fluorescent (069)
Available Lengths
  • 150’ (50-yard)
  • 30’ (10-yard)
Available Widths
(in inches)
  • 15 (punched)
  • 24
  • 30
  • 48
Print Compatibility
  • Screen printing

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Official ORAFOL ICC Color Profiles

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ORACAL® 7510

Sample Colors – ORACAL® 7510

  • sRGB222, 250, 4
    #029yellow fluorescent
  • sRGB250, 126, 1
    #037orange fluorescent
  • sRGB248, 63, 13
    #038red orange fluorescent
  • sRGB247, 15, 9
    #039red fluorescent
  • sRGB244, 7, 124
    #046pink fluorescent
  • sRGB58, 207, 0
    #069green fluorescent

Colors may not be a 100% color match of actual material.