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ORACAL® 6510

Fluorescent Cast

Product Description

Boost Visibility with ORACAL® 6510 Fluorescent Cast PVC Vinyl Film! Make your message impossible to miss with ORACAL® 6510 fluorescent cast PVC vinyl film. This high-visibility series shines brightly in all daylight conditions, as well as twilight and poor visibility situations.

Perfect for short-term graphics needing maximum impact, such as vehicle advertising, motorsport numbers, P.O.P. displays, labels, decals, and retail signage. With 6 vibrant fluorescent neon colors to choose from, your designs will stand out from the crowd. Plus, ORACAL® 6510 isn't just for business use. Enhance bicycle safety during overcast, dusk, and dawn weather conditions. Add a pop of bright fluorescent color to kids' backpacks, making them more visible at bus stops.

With outdoor durability in mind, ORACAL® 6510 offers lasting performance. Fluorescent Yellow will maintain its brightness for up to 2 years, while all other colors will remain vibrant for approximately 1 year before the fluorescent properties begin to fade. Make your message P.O.P. with ORACAL® 6510 fluorescent vinyl film.

Do you need a longer-lasting fluorescent vinyl solution? Consider ORACAL® Series 7510 Premium Fluorescent Cast PVC vinyl film, fluorescent yellow 3 yrs. and all other colors 2 yrs.

  • Flat, or conformable, short-term applications
    • Car, Truck, Van, & Trailer Graphics
    • Motorsport Graphics
    • Labels and Decals
    • Point of Purchase Graphics
    • Bicycle and Personal Safety Graphics
    • Emergency Vehicle and Boat Safety Graphics
  • 4-mil

Vertical Exposure, Climate Zone 1

  • 2 years – fluorescent yellow
  • 1 year – all other colors
Release Liner
  • 84# silicone coated paper
  • Clear, solvent-based, permanent
  • yellow fluorescent (029)
  • orange fluorescent (037)
  • red orange fluorescent (038)
  • red fluorescent (039)
  • pink fluorescent (046)
  • green fluorescent (069)
Available Lengths
  • 150’ (50-yard)
  • 30’ (10-yard)
Available Widths
(in inches)
  • 15 (punched)
  • 24
  • 30
  • 48
Print Compatibility
  • Screen printing

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Official ORAFOL ICC Color Profiles

Ficha técnica en español
ORACAL® 6510

Sample Colors – ORACAL® 6510

  • sRGB222, 250, 4
    #029yellow fluorescent
  • sRGB250, 121, 2
    #037orange fluorescent
  • sRGB248, 44, 5
    #038red orange fluorescent
  • sRGB247, 15, 9
    #039red fluorescent
  • sRGB246, 14, 136
    #046pink fluorescent
  • sRGB58, 208, 0
    #069green fluorescent

Colors may not be a 100% color match of actual material.