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Automotive Graphics

ORAFOL® Functional Products

Product Description

Kayguard Transit Film

Kayguard is the perfect cost-effective temporary protection film for exterior surfaces against damage and environmental pollutants such as acid rain, bird droppings, bee pollen, rail transportation, and stone chipping during the manufacturing process and transporting of your vehicles.

Kayguard protects horizontal and vertical surfaces such as hoods, trunk lids, roof panels, doors, fenders, quarter panels, rocker panels, and bumpers.

Kayguard is easy to apply in premeasured sizes or cut to size and shape during application. It is compatible with OEM paint systems, removes quickly and easily and leaves no residue.

Retroreflective Films

ORAFOL Automotive Graphics retroreflective material uses microprism technology to send a high percentage of light back to the oncoming driver’s eyes. The film is thin and flexible making it easy to apply with no special tools necessary. This material withstands high-pressure washing, brushing, abrasion and impacts. The material will continue to reflect even after having been struck by tools or road debris, and has a flat adhesive backing offering 100% adhesion with no grid lines that could fill with water and cause adhesive failure.