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Automotive Graphics

ORAFOL® Exterior Decals

Product Description

ORAFOL Automotive Graphics specializes in Exterior Vinyl Graphics designed for the enhancement and model identification of passenger cars, sport utility vehicles, and trucks throughout the world. Our vast experience and resources enable us to create pressure sensitive graphics that will meet or exceed our customers’ specifications for durability.

ORAFOL offers expertise in films, adhesives, pigments, inks, clear coats, and release materials. All are critical components utilized in producing custom-designed graphic treatments that add value and market appeal to vehicles.

We produce film graphics in a full range of colors and effects that include non-metallic, metallic, vivid neons, pearlescents, flamboyants, and interference pigments. Graphics are offered in a broad range of thickness and various gloss levels. Film graphics can come with locator templates to ensure consistent application.

Automakers throughout the world have learned to rely on the quality and services built into the products ORAFOL Automotive Graphics delivers.