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Automotive Graphics

ORAFOL® Blackout & Paint Films

Product Description

Blackout Films from ORAFOL Automotive Graphics are designed to offer vehicle manufacturers a cost-effective option to additional painting for pillars, fascias, sill plates, and other body trim applications.

Blackout Films are supplied with pressure sensitive adhesive backing and can be produced to your specifications. This flexible product offers excellent resistance to long-term exterior exposure and is available in various film thicknesses, textures, and gloss levels.

Paint films offer a cost-effective way to create Class A finishes, while eliminating the operating and regulatory costs of the painting process.

Pressure sensitive paint films offer vehicle manufacturers an option to painting additional body trim applications. Our paint films can be produced to your specifications. This flexible product offers long-term exterior exposure and allows the introduction of graphic patterns, high and low gloss finishes, metallic as well as solid colors. In addition, paint films are a cost advantage with quick turnaround on tooling processes. Perfect for low volume programs with little to no interruption during the manufacturing process. Specialty programs can be applied off line, or by converters with little or no cost incurred.


  • Outstanding Performance

  • Class A high gloss or matte finish

  • Precise color matching

  • Eliminates costly painting systems

  • Low volume economy

  • Eliminates emission concerns

  • Reduced inventories

  • Recyclable