Automotive Industry

Automotive consumers continue to demand the highest technology and quality products. ORAFOL offers a significant line of adhesive tapes for bonding and mounting solutions in most internal and external automotive applications. With our customers we maintain have a continuous programme of new product development to meet the specific needs of our partners and their customers.

We offer products for internal applications such as fascia assembly, noise reduction laminates, electronics assembly and mounting, and interior assembly. Our external applications include products suitable for permanent attachment of body trim and badges, mirror assembly, name plates and special product solutions for automotive braking systems.

ORAFOL offers an industry proven line of solutions for most type of interior manufacturing and assembly including roof liners, cable fixing, sound proofing, seats, instrument panels and more. Our adhesive tape solutions ensure permanent bonding to low surface energy and other complex plastics and automotive paint finishes.

For advanced, new or unique applications, we partner with our customers to develop the highest quality solutions that perform reliably and consistently to maximize efficiency of labour and product costs.