Lowcountry Wraps Goes “Plum Crazy” Purple All Over a Plymouth Duster

Lowcountry Wraps may be a new company in the field, but owner Frank Metzger is a seasoned installer who grew his passion for wrapping friends’ vehicles into a business. And he recently made a mark on the Pro Mod circuit – a big, purple mark. Frank and his team wrapped a modified Plymouth Duster using ORACAL® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast Film with RapidAir® Technology. He selected color 406 violet metallic for the body, which is a near-exact match for Mopar’s signature color for Plymouth vehicles: “Plum Crazy” purple.

ORACAL® 970RA film is a 4-mil, premium wrapping cast PVC film with a built-in protective clear coat layer to simulate the appearance of factory-applied paint. It conforms over curved surfaces, rivets and corrugations, and does not require an overlaminate. This film was developed for long-term, complete wraps of fleet and motor sport vehicles and is available in 96 colors including gloss, matte and metallic finishes.

Mopar, a leading supplier of parts and tools designed expressly for Chrysler automobiles, sponsors vehicles in the National Hot Rod Association’s Professional Modified (NHRA ProMod) Drag Racing Series of events throughout the United States. The Mopar ProMod Team modified the Duster to add a 2000-horsepower engine and a custom, carbon-fiber body made specifically for drag racing.

Lowcountry Wraps covered nearly every surface with the ORACAL® 970RA film. The body was wrapped in purple and bumpers were wrapped in a chrome color. The head- and tail-lights and markers were also wrapped. Only the hood was left unwrapped because it would likely come in contact with alcohol fuel and the team didn’t want to risk discoloration of such a fine wrap job.

Frank selected the ORACAL® 970RA film for several reasons including ease of installation, application suitability and cost. “The ORACAL® 970RA film was easy to work with, compared to other vehicle films I’ve used in the past,” said Frank. “Because of the film’s RapidAir® Technology, installation was quick and easy. With one person’s assistance, I was able to wrap the entire car in about two days.” ORAFOL RapidAir® Technology includes an advanced, air-release liner to facilitate quicker, easier application. Lowcountry Wraps found the RapidAir® Technology in the ORACAL® 970RA film to be especially beneficial since the team was wrapping the vehicle in large pieces. “Because the car is racing at speeds of more than 200 miles per hour, it’s important to have as few seams as possible, so there’s a reduced risk of separation,” said Frank. “The RapidAir® Technology made it possible for us to use the entire width of the vinyl – meaning we had as few pieces as practical – and it was easy to install.”

Wrapping a racing vehicle is also more desirable than painting it. According to Frank, vinyl film is about half the weight of paint. Also, it can be done in significantly less time since installers don’t need to wait for the paint to dry, to apply the next layer. Additionally, vinyl film is more economical than paint.

The Mopar ProMod Team was enthusiastic about the color and appreciated the fine wrap job by Lowcountry Wraps. Many race fans didn’t believe it was a wrap instead of paint.

“I’m a believer in ORAFOL materials with RapidAir® Technology and look forward to continuing to use it in a variety of wraps,” said Frank.

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