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Flexibright Fleet Marking Grade

Ürün Açıklaması

  • Prismatic reflective performance
  • Will conform more easily to curved vehicle shapes (surfaces bending in two directions)*
  • Enables application of chevron pattern in fewer pieces
  • No edge sealing required
  • Easy to cut and apply

* Should be limited to minor curves only. Complex curves can be avoided by templating smaller pieces that will be butt jointed giving the appearance of one single piece

  • Easy damage repair
  • Potential single piece removability
  • Withstands power washes
  • Approved to Class B for French fire vehicles

Data belgeleri ve indirme

*) Güvenlik data belgelerimiz / ürün Bilgisi 14.06.2023 tarihli SVHC listesi gerekliliklerini yansıtır.

Örnek renkler – ORALITE® VC 612

  • 289-590
    sRGB0, 0, 0
    #289-590Fl. lime-yellow /red

Ekranda gösterilen renkler, gerçek folyo renkleri ile %100 uyumlu olmayabilir.

Teknik özellikler

Standart ölçü
1200 mm x 50 m / 10 m, 282 mm x 50 m / 9 m, 141 mm x 50 m / 9 m
Uyumluluk Sınıfı (Diğer)