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ORALITE® FTP 1200 Advanced

Ürün Açıklaması

Firefighter safety is improved with the use of the prismatic FTP 1200 Advanced tapes. The tape creates the necessary visual signature to make firefighters stand out against the emergency scene background. The fluorescent yellow enhances visibility in daytime as well as in any poor visibility conditions (smoke, wet conditions etc).

  • The only EN 469:2005 and EN ISO 20471:2013 approved prismatic tape in the market
  • EN ISO 15614:2007 and ISO 16073:2011
  • Excellent resistance to heat and flames
  • Excellent retroreflective performance in dry and wet conditions - works when wet!
  • Fluorescent colour for enhanced daytime visibility - reflects in colour at night
  • Robust construction for long life durability (abrasion and dirt resistance)
  • Easy to clean
  • For sew-on application
  • Standard roll size: 50 mm x 50 m
  • Washing: 30 cycles at 60° C

Badges for fire garments and fire helmet stickers are available as well.
Please contact ORAFOL for further information.

Örnek renkler – ORALITE® FTP 1200 Advanced

  • 020
    sRGB206, 229, 30
    #020Fl. Lime

Ekranda gösterilen renkler, gerçek folyo renkleri ile %100 uyumlu olmayabilir.

Teknik özellikler

Ürün Kodu
Reflektif Teknolojisi
Standart genişlik, mm
Standart uzunluk, m
Uyumluluk Sınıfı (Diğer)
EN ISO 14116:2008 index 3
Ana Malzeme
Renk Seçenekleri
Fluorescent lime