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Prismatic Construction Grade

Product Description

  • Highly reflective prismatic film
  • Single layer construction with no risk of dirt ingress at the edges
  • Weather proof
  • 5 years outdoor durability
  • Surface of special treated PVC film
  • Compliance to EN 12899-1
  • Class RA2, design C
  • Excellent adhesion to polyolefinic substrates
  • White / Red version approved by BASt

The material can be printed according to customer needs (e.g. block design printing). Please contact ORAFOL for details.

Data sheets and downloads

*) Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 16.07.2019.

Sample Colours – ORALITE® 5931M

  • 010-030
    sRGB0, 0, 0
    #010-030White / red
  • 010-070
    sRGB0, 0, 0
    #010-070White / black

Colours may not be a 100% colour match of actual material.


Item Code
Reflective Technology
Standard widths, mm
Standard lengths, m
Compliance to
EN 12899-1:2008, Class RA2 design C