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ORALITE® Channeliser

Helmet stickers

Product Description


ORALITE® Channeliser Film is a high performance retroreflective film ideal for increasing worker visibility in areas where there are moving vehicles with headlights. It is readily computer cuttable into custom shapes as we as being highly conformable. Hence it has an ideal application for use on shaped surfaces such as hard hats.

ORALITE® Channeliser Film has a typical retroreflective performance when new of 700 CIL when measured at an observation angle of 0.2° and an entrance angle of 4.0°. This performance level is nearly ten times that of standard glass bead retroreflective materials.

Available in white only.

Adhesives are compatatible with plastics.

Formerly a Reflexite® branded product.

Data sheets and downloads


Standard Size
25mm x 230mm (Straight) 25mm x 110mm (Curved)
Available Colours