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ORALITE® Air Backed Helmet Stickers

Product Description


ORALITE® HP Series Helmet Stickers are discretely shaped high performance retroreflective strips ideal for increasing worker visibility in areas where there are headlights.

The base retroreflective film is PVC and it is high frequency welded to a vinyl backing which in turn has an acrylic adhesive layer and release liner to the rear. The retroreflective elements are tiny prisms (known as micropisms) that are located to the rear of the base film. The retroreflective elements are thus completly sealed from the external environment protecting them from abrasion and ensuring they work in all conditions including heavy rain.

Adhesives are compatible with plastics.

Standard colours: White, Florescent Lime and Florescent Red.

Formerly a Reflexite® branded product.

Data sheets and downloads


Standard Size
25mm x 100mm (16 per sheet)
Available Colours
White, Floresent Lime and Flouresent Red
Backing (other)
PVC Vinyl with PSA Adhesive