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ORALITE safety markings for trash receptacles and garbage cans

ORAFOL is one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of retroreflective materials. These products – which are distributed under the ORALITE® name in markets worldwide – were developed for areas and applications where visibility is essential even in poor lighting conditions.

One safety risk are trash receptacles and garbage cans placed directly next to public roads or footpaths for emptying. When it is dark outside – for example during autumn, winter, or at dawn and dusk – trash receptacles can cause accidents if people do not see them at the side of roads or along foot and bike paths. And once emptied, there is a risk that garbage cans can tip over because of their light weight – for example, due to a gust of wind. Not infrequently, these receptacles become dangerous obstacles for road users and impair road safety. More and more communities are recognizing the problem and responding by applying reflective markings to trash receptacles.

ORALITE® safety markings for trash receptacles are suitable even for receptacles made of HDPE plastic, while also ensuring high reflectiveness and excellent durability. With our safety markings, trash receptacles remain visible even at dusk, in fog and rain, and at long distances.

ORALITE® safety markings for garbage cans can be finished to customer specifications and can be printed with the customer’s chosen text or symbols. This text could include information on separating waste, collection dates, or details about the waste management company’s services.

“For example, cities and municipalities use this option to have their city crest printed. This enables them to increase safety while also strengthening their community image. And if properly designed, the markings can also display waste disposal instructions – which is mandatory in most regions.” Adalbert Dörner, Technical Sales Manager Reflective Solutions at ORAFOL

Mr. Adalbert Dörner
Technical Sales Manager
Reflective Solutions


Elke Beune

Elke Beune

Head of Corporate Communications & Brand

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