Side Markings

Minimum application to the side

Minimum 80% of the length of the vehicle (excl. the length of the cabin must be marked. In special cases this can go down to 60% for difficult applications or 40% for especially difficult applications.

Distance from the ground



The lower line of the marking tape must be placed minimum 250mm from the ground, and in a height of maximum 1500mm. This can in special cases be extended to 2500mm.

Corner Marking


The length of the upper corner markings must be minimum 250mm. Upper corner markings should be applied as high as practical, but within 400mm of the upper extremity of the vehicle.

In cases where a top corner marking is not possible due to the construction of the vehicle, a line marking on its own is allowed.


Rear Marking

Rear marking

A full contour marking is required to the rear, unless this is impossible due to vehicle construction. Maximum height requirements for the lower horizontal line are the same as indicated for the markings to the side (see above).