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You are just 3 simple steps away from seeing your own VC 104+ Imagine tape!

The ORALITE® VC 104+ Imagine is a unique ECE 104 approved marking tape, which enables you to include your company name, logo or other decoration directly into the tape for 24/7 branding.

You are now just 3 simple steps away from seeing what your personalised ORALITE® VC 104+ Imagine tape could look like!

Step 1 - Select your logo:
Select your logo file and upload this. The files can be .JPEG or .GIF.

Step 2 - Upload logo:
Click 'Submit logo'


To achieve the best result, we recommend that the dimensions of your logo are larger than 350 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall. Click here to get see how this is measured*.

The VC 104+ Imagine preview is intended only to give an idea of what the final tape can look like. ORAFOL cannot guarantee that the produced tape will match 100% this website preview test.

Examples at the top of this page are for illustration and inspiration only.


*) If the logo does not come out well in the tape preview, you can try to open it in e.g. Adobe Photoshop or similar, and in here check the image size. This is typically provided in both pixel size and metric size. If the logo is too small, we recommend you try with a different logo file.