Example: Special Vehicles

Special Vehicle

Can it be marked?

The answer is in most cases Yes!

The category 'Special Vehicles' cover a lot of different vehicle types, and indeed some of these can be more tricky or indeed impossible to apply the conspicuity markings to. However, for the majority of these application is possible.

Road Sweepers
In the UK and some other countries, road sweepers are equipped with chevron markings to the rear. ECE 104 conspicuity markings can indeed be applied to the rear of these as well (see small photo). Regulation 48 states that "additional retroreflective devices" can be applied to a vehicle as long as they don't obscure mandatory devices fit to comply with Regulation 48. In the case of the Chevron, which would be treated as "additional", it will not obscure the ECE 104 tape as long as it is applied to the inside of the bumper and as long as the mounting height of tape on the vehicle above the ground is equal or more than 250mm.

Timber Transporters
Some timber transporters have a rigid structure, which makes side and rear marking possible - either directly on the structure, or pre-applied to an aluminum frame. However, for the timber transporters without a bottom structure going to the edge of the vehicle, application is not considered possible (see photo).

Which tape?

ORALITE® VC 104+ Rigid Grade

Need help?

If you are in doubt about where to apply the marking tapes onto your specific vehicles, please send us a photo of your vehicle, and let us work with you to find the best solution.

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Note: The examples provided in this section are guidelines only. ORAFOL recommends that you always contact your local authorities to be 100% sure that the positioning of conspicuity marking tapes on your vehicle is in accordance with the requirements.


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VC 104+ Rigid Grade

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