Example: Hook Lifts

Hook Lift

Can it be marked?

The answer is Yes!

Although application of conspicuity markings is not easy on all hook lifts, it is usually possible to cover at least 40% as per the special application authorization. In most cases a significantly larger percentage can easily be covered. 

On the structure above the wheels, it may be necessary to pre-apply the conspicuity marking tapes to an aluminum frame which is then riveted onto the vehicle.

Which tape?

ORALITE® VC 104+ Rigid Grade

Need help?

If you are in doubt about where to apply the marking tapes onto your specific vehicles, please send us a photo of your vehicle, and let us work with you to find the best solution.

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Note: The examples provided in this section are guidelines only. ORAFOL recommends that you always contact your local authorities to be 100% sure that the positioning of conspicuity marking tapes on your vehicle is in accordance with the requirements.


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VC 104+ Rigid Grade

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