EN 13422: 2004 + A1:2009

Vertical road signs – Portable deformable warning devices and delineators – Portable road traffic signs – Cones and cylinders

This standard is not a harmonised European Standard under the guidelines of the Construction Product Directive 89/106/EEC. The products manufactured and placed on the market according to this standard require obtaining and affixing product certification rather than CE-marking.

This standard specifies requirements for new traffic cones and new traffic cylinders with retroreflective properties. It identifies the minimum essential visual and physical performance characteristics along with test methods for determination of product performance and the means by which this performance may be communicated to users and safety enforcement agencies.

This standard further provides a series of categories and classes by which a traffic cone or traffic cylinder may be specified for use in different applications in accordance with best practice. In the case of physical properties, performance levels and indicative tests are provided for cold weather, stability, and impact resistance.

Minimum requirements for visual recognition properties, colour, retroreflectivity and luminance are also provided.