ECE Regulation No. 104

ECE Regulation No. 104 is the regulation outlining the technical requirements concerning the approval of retro-reflective marking tapes for vehicles of category M, N and O (buses, trucks and trailers) in Europe.

The materials are divided into 3 classes:

Class "C": Material for contour marking
Class "D": Material for distinctive markings/graphics intended for a limited area
Class "E": Material for distinctive markings/graphics for an extended area

In terms of reflectivity, Class "C" is the highest grade and Class "E" the lowest.

It is application of the Class "C" conspicuity tapes which is law for new registrations.

ECE Regulation No. 104 does not include any details about the actual application of the tapes on the vehicles - this information, including installation requirements, is found in Regulation No. 48.