The E-Mark - What It Is

You want to mark up your HGV with reflective tapes, but how can you be sure that the reflective tape you have bought actually has been approved?

There are many reflective tapes on the market place, and the quality as well as the price differ very much between them. Many of the tapes are available in the required 50 mm width and in the colours stated in the new law – yellow, red and white.

But that is not enough! The key is to look for the so-called “E-Mark” – a marking which is permanently printed within the approved reflective tapes at least every 50 cm.

How do the tape manufacturers get the E-Mark?
In order to get the approval mark, the reflective tape must fulfil all of the minimum requirements in the regulation. This means that as a user, you can be certain that the tape performs, both in terms of reflectivity, the right colours, durability in all weather conditions etc. The approved tapes have undergone extensive testing at certified European test institutes, and only when a tape has passed all of the tests is it granted the E-mark.

This means that it is certified to Class C of Regulation 104.
Class C is the correct class for the line / contour marking tapes.

E+ number:
This indicates in which country the test house has been located where the tape was approved. For instance, E4 means that the tape was approved at an institute located in Holland.

104 R + number:
104 R means that the tape was approved according to Regulation ECE 104. The last digits are the actual approval number for this particular tape.

What does the elements in the E-mark actually mean?
The approved tapes display a mark identical or similar to the one in the photo (this specific one is for the VC 104+ tape approved for application onto rigid surfaces).

So - make sure that the tape you buy for your truck bears the e-mark. This is your guarantee not only of quality and high performance – but also of conforming to the law.