What happened with ECE 104 on 10 July 2011?

Through implementation of the Lighting Regulation 48-03, the European Union made ECE 104 Class C conspicuity marking compulsory*. The Reflexite® VC104+ series is specially designed to fulfil this new requirement.

From 10 July 2011, conspicuity markings have been compulsory for new types of trucks (for which the manufacturer requests approval) with a maximum tonnage over 7.5 tons (N2 and N3) and for trailers with a tonnage of more than 3.5 tons (O3 and O4).

The 10 July 2011 requirement is contained in the revision (Directive 2007/35) of the Lighting Directive 76/756 which governs the installation of lighting and signalling equipment on motor vehicles in the EU. Directive 2007/35 states that date in Article 2 as below: 

Article 2
With effect from 10 July 2011, if the requirements laid down in Directive 76/756/EEC, as amended by this Directive, are not complied with, Member States, on grounds related to the installation of lighting and light-signalling devices, shall consider Certificates of Conformity which accompany new vehicles in accordance with the provisions of Directive 70/156/EEC to be no longer valid for the purposes of Article 7(1) of that Directive.

For clarity on what requirements needed to be met by 10 July 2011 by vehicle OEMs, Directive 2007/35 also stated in par. 3 the reference to Reg 48, 03 series of amendments as published in the EU Journal as below:

(3)In order to take into account further amendments to UN/ECE Regulation No 48 (3) on which the Community has already voted upon, it is appropriate to adapt Directive 76/756/EEC to technical progress by aligning it to the technical requirements of this UN/ECE Regulation. In the interest of clarity Annex II to Directive 76/756/EEC should be replaced.

Like in any Directive, there is also a requirement given in Article 3 for all members of the EU to transpose and publish the text of this Directive for reasons of notice and transparency by 9 July 2008 in their national RVLR regulations.

Download Directive 2007/35

*) Exceptions being Denmark , France and Russia. You should always check your National Road Authorities for specific details relevant to your country.