Excellent example of sign refurbishment with ORALITE

28 Aug 2017

We all see them every day when driving: Damaged traffic signs by the side of the road or above our heads. And it is unavoidable: damages will occur to traffic signs. Proper maintenance of road traffic signs is essential to ensure compliance and safety. It is very important that damaged traffic signs are either replaced or refurbished, as a damaged sign may no longer fulfill the purpose it is there for, and could be a potential risk in itself to oncoming traffic.

Baccher Road Services recently brought in an overhead highway G-Series sign, which was in a rather poor condition. The wording on the sign was barely readable, making correct navigation by the drivers difficult. The damages were in this case mainly caused by a motor vehicle accident that caught fire under the road traffic sign. Baccher Road Services did a great job of refurbishing the sign with ORALITE 5910 for the background, and ORALITE 6910 for the lettering, and the sign is now once again fully functional, ensuring safe driving.

Before and after sign

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