EN 469:2005

This standard typically relates to professional fire-fighting PPE worn during structural fire fighting to protect mainly against heat and flame.

The performance requirements for clothing conforming to this standard include:

  • Flame spread (tested to ISO 15025)
  • Convective heat (tested to EN 367)
  • Radiant heat (tested to ISO 6942)
  • Heat resistance (tested to ISO 17493:2000)
  • Water repellence, dimensional stability, resistance to chemicals

Photometric requirements for retroreflective materials are according to EN471 Table 5 (Level 2, separate performance materials, 330 table) or Table 7 (combined performance materials, 65 table). The minimum amount of separate performance retroreflective material is 0,13 m2, whereas the minimum amount of the fluorescent or combined performance material is 0,20 m2. Retroreflective materials must also pass the flame spread test and heat resistance test. The products must have a minimum value of retroreflection after the latter test.