EN 13356:2001

This standard specifies the optical performance requirements and surface area requirements for accessories intended for non-professional use, and intended to signal the user's presence visually when illuminated by vehicles on dark roads. The accessories can be worn, attached to or carried by persons. This standard does not apply to garments.

The standard identifies 3 types of accessory:

Type 1: Free hanging, such as reflective hangers or dangle tags.
Type 2: Removable, such as slap wraps and arm bands.
Type 3: Mounted, such as adhesive stickers.

Optical performance standards are obtained by manufacturers for certain types of reflective film. Reflexite® 2032 for example, is a reflective film that has been certified as to meeting the optical performance criteria.

The surface area requirements for Type 1 accessories shall be between 15 cm2 and 50 cm2. If a Type 1 accessory is reflective on both sides, the thickness shall be a maximum of 10mm.
Type 2 and 3 accessories shall hae a surface area axceeding 15 cm2.