EN 12899 -1: 2007

Fixed, vertical road traffic signs

This standard is comprised of five parts and is designed for use by road authorities and private developers in their procurement of signs for placement on public roads and highways as well as on private land. It includes products covered under Mandate M/111 Circulation Fixtures: Road Equipment contained in the Construction Product Directive (CPD) 89/106/EEC which as of 9 March 2011 has been replaced by the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) No 305/2011 and which applies directly to legislature of each Member State.

These products include fixed vertical road traffic signs either finished or unassembled in kit form as well as their components like sign retroreflective sheeting, supports and sign plates including lighting and fixings together with any combination of these components. They also include transilluminated traffic bollards, delineator posts and fixed retoreflectors.

CE-marking of products covered by EN12899 is mandatory as of 1 July 2013 within the European Economic Area (EEA) according to CPR.

Fixed, vertical road signs comprising of retroreflective materials made of glass bead technology shall be CE-marked according to this standard. Whereas fixed, vertical road signs comprised of microprismatic technology shall be CE-marked according to European Technical Approval (ETA) under the Common Understanding of Assessment Procedure (CUAP) Number 01.06.04.

Part 1: Fixed signs

Part 1 specifies requirements for complete sign assemblies, sign plates, retro-reflective sheeting, sign supports and luminaires. The performance requirements and test methods relating to the retro-reflective sheeting are applicable to glass bead technology. Those relating to micro-prismatic technology are specified in the relevant European Technical Approval (ETA).

Part 2: Transilluminated traffic bollards

Part 2 specifies performance requirements and test methods for new transilluminated traffic bollards with respect to their structural components as well as their colourimetric, retroreflective, luminance properties and ageing.

Part 3: Delineator posts and retroreflectors

Part 3 specifies performance requirements and test methods for new delineator posts and retroreflectors  with respect to their structural components  as well as their colourimetric, retroreflective and ageing properties.

Part 4: Factory production control

Part 4 describes the requirements for Factory production control (FPC) for products described in Parts 1, 2 and 3, which control the production and the products certified under this standard.

Part 5: Initial type testing

Part 5 describes the requirements for Initial type testing (ITT) of products described in Parts 1, 2 and 3 which shall be undertaken to determine the performance of samples of products representative of the product type.