EN 1150:1999

This is the standard non-professional use for example, jogging, cycling or other traffic related interaction activities.  This would include sports users who need high visibility for cycling, road running, driving etc.

Whilst EN ISO 20471 specifies a set of requirements for high visibility warning garments for professional use in the work place, the EN 1150 standard provides details for non-professional use, together with criteria for minimum area’s and placement of reflective material to achieve enhanced conspicuity. Garments conforming to these standards are capable of signalling the users presence visually, under any light conditions, both by day and under illumination by vehicle headlights in the dark.

Non-professional use, EN 1150, is considered to be suitable for children, cyclist and pedestrian training activities, walking to the bus etc.

Each garment must consist of both background material, (luminous) and retroreflective materials, (reflective bands and braces). The background material provides for day light conspicuity whilst the retroreflective provides for night time visibility.

EN 1150 can either be satisfied by the minimum area of background and retroreflective materials or, depending on the height of the wearer, the combined performance area.