ORALITE® UV Traffic Sign Printer

Optimum UV Printing Solution 

Optimised system for digital production of traffic control and guidance signs. All retroreflective films within the ORALITE® range are printable on the ORALITE® UV Traffic Sign Printer, making it ideal for production of certified as well as non-certified printed signs.

The system consists of the ORALITE® UV Traffic sign printer based on the four AGFA UV printers:

  • Anapurna M 2050
  • Anapurna M 2050i
  • Anapurna H 2050i LED
  • Anapurna RTR 3200i LED

All four printers are approved for printing CE certified permanent signs, using the ORALITE® 5019 UV digital printing inks.




*) Our safety data sheets / Article information reflect the state of the SVHC list from 27.06.2018.