ORAFOL is expanding its range of CE-certified ORALITE® retro-reflective sheeting products

18 Nov 2016

Traffic signs perform the fundamental role of informing and guiding road users, both by day and night. At night, or in other poor visibility conditions, the highest level of retro-reflection is vital. ORALITE® 6910 Brilliant Grade already provides the best night visibility for the road user, and the new CE-certified fluorescent versions are exceptionally distinctive and striking during the daytime.

In addition, ORALITE® 5910 High Intensity Prismatic Grade (Class RA2) is approved by the Federal Highway Research Institute of Germany (BASt). Again, as it is highly visible and distinctive, it will provide additional support and safety to road users during daylight hours.

Lastly, for class RA1, ORAFOL offers ORALITE® 6710 Engineer Prismatic Grade which provides superior reflectivity in its class. The Technical Approval Body DIBt has issued its European Technical Approval No. 16/0579. This product is also CE-certified in white, when used in combination with ORAFOL’s screen printing ink (ORALITE® 5018), or digital printing ink (ORALITE® 5019) and the appropriate transparent overlay film.

For further information or product samples please contact ORAFOL.

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