Safety at Sea

Since 1980, our ORALITE® branded retroreflective materials have been used at sea to improve detection during night-time search and rescue missions. Reflexite® microprismatic technology lengthens the detection-sighting distance compared to traditional reflective material, complies with SOLAS/IMO requirements, and is approved by the European BV as well as the US Coast Guard. At sea, the material is visible at distrances of more than half a kilometer.

Product benefits of the ORALITE® SOLAS range include: Compliance with SOLAS/IMO requirements, Single layer waterproof construction, brilliant long-range visibility performance, durable and flexible construction with superior abrasion resistance, and strong - to survive continuous immersion in sea water and freezing temperatures.

ORALITE® maritime safety products assure long-distance visibility required for nighttime search and rescuse missions. ORALITE material has been approved by the International Maritime Organisation and leading maritime authorities throughout the world.