ORACAL® 952RA Premium Cast


Premium Cast

  • Premium cast PVC film (70 micron)
  • White, glossy
  • Designed specifically for high quality screen printed applications, e.g. letterings, markings and decorations with the highest requirements for solidity and durability.
  • The RapidAir® technology enables easy and quick application, without air inclusion, especially in large scale applications. Entrapped air can be easily removed by smoothing it out under the film.


Standart genişlik, mm 1000, 1260, 1400
Standart uzunluk, m 50
Standart tabaka ebatları, mm 700 x 1000, 500 x 700, 1000 x 700

*) Güvenlik data belgelerimiz / ürün Bilgisi 27.06.2018 tarihli SVHC listesi gerekliliklerini yansıtır.