Wall Art

The application of creative designs onto walls, was for a long time something mainly seen in public buildings e.g. business centres, meeting rooms, shops, restaurants, bars or fitness centres. Now, it is becoming increasingly popular to incorporate these designs into private homes. The only limitation is your imagination! You can choose from plotter cut subtle design enhancements (a small design element or border) to a large format full wall printed graphic for a more dramatic effect.

With the ORACAL® range of wall art films, the possibilities are endless. For plotter cut designs, we offer a range of 55 vivid colours, all very easy to both cut, weed and apply. With the easy-to-remove adhesive they do not damage the wall surface, and can easily be removed to make room for new designs. In addition, the ORACAL® series also includes digital printing films in soft white and transparent options.

Contact us with your application requirements and we are sure to have a product suitable for your needs.